GI's - Know Your Rights!

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ANGRY, ALARMED, OR FED-UP with what the military has done to you, or made you do to others? Do something about the way you feel. Your commander might not like it, but many inside and outside the military agree with you. Acting alone can make you a target, but find out what you can do with others to preserve liberties and human rights, and to stand proud with others who want to do the right thing. Hold On To Your Humanity. You have the right to keep one copy of this or any other information at any time (DoD Directive 1325.6) Read military regulations and the Bill of Rights. Get help. Contact an organization listed on this card. Remember that Rights are not given � they are fought for and exercised.

Seeking a discharge
GIs have the legal right to . . .
GIs don’t have the legal right to . . .
Some things to remember
Additional resources

Seeking a discharge:

GIs have the legal right to:

GIs don’t have the legal right to:

Some things to remember:

Additional resources: